Industries Served

A Difficult and Complex Problem Requires Innovative Solutions.

At Plastic-Metals Technologies, Inc and PMT Shielding Solutions, we work across disciplines, and across industries to deliver new and innovative EMI/RFI shielding solutions for the latest medical technologies. Our innovations help improve medical and healthcare devices around the world.

Plastic-Metals Technologies can be used for almost all your EMI/RFI shielding needs.

Our proprietary process can be found in areas like Surgical Solutions, Respiratory Monitoring, Vascular Therapies, Medical Supplies,  Radiation Equipment and almost every medical device inside an emergency room or doctors office.

Our most widely requested materials for medical devices are Copper/Aluminum (PMT-CA) and Copper/Nickel (PMT-CN) standard processes.

Avionics & Communication Systems

Many of the top defense contracts need specialized materials and processes to meet the strict Department of Defense requirements. Plastic-Metals Technologies, Inc and PMT Shielding Solutions has been involved with numerous Tier 1 Contractors from the beginning of the contract to resolve any known EMI/RFI issues. PMT strives to provide our customers with the widest range of solutions to suit their challenging project needs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems

PMT Defense has been working with UAVs/UAS Systems in multiple arenas. Direct with Tier 1 Contractors, as well as many subcontractors to create the ultimate solutions for their product. Specializing in Carbon Fiber, Composites, and the latest 3D Printing materials, Plastic-Metals Technologies and PMT Shielding Solutions can provide EMI/RFI Shielding for the most advanced technology available. 

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